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The Big Apple для Fallout 3

The Big Apple для Fallout 3

Huge city. 9 worldspaces (including: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Airport JFK, Central park, Richmond).
About 250 interiors.
More than 40 quests.
The storyline suggests approximately one week of playing time. If the player likes look under every rock, I guarantee to him at least a month of the game.
What else?
Two radio stations (they were not translated).
Several hundred actors (alas, they are not voiced).
New weapons (not a lot, our mod - not about weapons)
New monsters (about ten species, they introduce diversity and help to create the right mood)
Gameplay: theft, traps, the need to pay for the night.
Optional: dark nights, hardcore mode. Do not use it in conjunction with other similar features done!
Some quests (objectives) are not obvious. The player must carefully read the dialogues and messages, in order to cope with the task.
The quest starts near Small Ranch (Springvale).

So, ladies and gentlemen, a great trip, which was started by Mr. AMD in far 2009, today finally came to an end. The main plot completed!
Readme: https://yadi.sk/i/JUoiJ5fCni7xu

The mod was update to version 5.2
The main plot increased by two new quests. The first one is the continuation of the quest THE ROAD TO THE SKY. Events of the second quest unfolding in the Lab under the Roosevelt Island and in the Government Metro. 
For those, who have already ended the mod. - You can use previous saves up to the draining of the Basement of the Lighthouse. Or any save, if the THE ROAD TO THE SKY is completed, but you have not talked yet to Sarah about your adventure in the Airport.
metropolis-main.bsa was updated. If you begin "The Big Apple" the first time, you should to use link to "The Big Apple Database". If you want to download metropolis-main.bsa separately (sounds and music were downloaded before) you have to use link to "meshes and textures".

1. Fallaut 3 + patch 1.7
2. All official DLC
3. Metropolis_us.esm
4. Metropolis_us-Ingestibles.esp (if you going to use hardcore mode)

I do not have any mods on my computer. Maybe it's hard to believe, but true. So I can say absolutely nothing about the compatibility of the "Big Apple" with other mods.

About companions.
You can not take companions from DC. Because some things in the presence of satellites will look 
ridiculous, for example, theft of property in a dream, or a fist fight with a boss. Maybe you manage 
to get companions in New York illegally or with the help of some mods, but I don't advise it, 
especially if they are the quest NPC.

I would surely agree to let people to use this mod, but I would like that you contact me first if you want to use this mod for whatever purpose.

Thanks to all collaborators:
A4081 (meshes), Stalker 992 (interiors, quest), Mad le Zisell (radiostation), Alizy (design of Queens, quests), Alexeich (meshes, textures), KAIN48 (ships), TOXA01 (meshes) and Miss Galko for her collection of costumes.
Special thanks to PROMETHEUS_ts. It was he who at one time inspired AMD to create this mod.
Also special thanks to K2 whose ideas formed the basis of the bar Coyote.
This list likely is not final and I'll be happy to complement it.

The Big Apple Database - https://yadi.sk/d/9X0o8aT3kK2BP
Meshes and Textures - https://yadi.sk/d/vQTMe9dEkK2Bx
How to download main files (esm and esp)?  - Login and press the button below.

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